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CardExchange® Small Business Server Editions

With the Small Business Server Editions from CardExchange® you can centralize your licenses and data. That means that you install the CardExchange® License Manager on a central location in your organization. Also the data of CardExchange® is placed central in your organisation for example, a Shared Server that can be reached by all computers that will contain the CardExchange® application. The License Manager manages the licenses available.

How does it work? For example, just install CardExchange® on any computer in your organization, which means that the application can be a part of your re-image policy. If you have installed an SBS version with 10 client licenses, everytime you start up CardExchange® SBS Client will request a license from the License Manager on the server. You can now have 10 CardExchange® clients running at the same time. When you start up computer number 11, the License Manager will inform the user that there are no licenses available anymore. When one of the CardExchange® SBS Clients closes the application, another computer can startup CardExchange® and work with the application.

The CardExchange® Small Business Edition is based on a package containing five clients and the License Manager. Every package can be easilly upgraded with extra Client packages which contains five extra Clients per package. For large organizations we also offer the Enterprise Edition. This edition contains 100 Clients and will cover most of the needs inside your organization.

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