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ID Card and Security Solutions
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Corporate Biometric Solutions

Identify and Verify the Biometrics of an Individual for Access to Existing Systems

We provide simple and easy to use interfaces that are customizable to your requirements. The interfaces are tailored to increase throughput and provide ease of use. Identifications and verifications of individuals are completed in seconds.

BEC ePortID™ will integrate seamlessly with a variety of existing systems preventing data re-entry and expensive infrastructure alterations. Our systems are designed to enhance current capabilities and provide revenue-generating value.

Our cloud-based solution provides storage and backup of all enrolled biometric templates that enable clients to add personnel to the system in one location and distribute throughout the entire organization.

When installed at a location with a pre-existing Access Control System, SAMS ePortID™ adds an extra level of security by applying a biometric measure as an additional indentity factor prior to entry.

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