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Biometric Solutions

fingerprintUsing fingerprint recognition,  or now palm vein scanning, you can control access to sensitive locations in an easy to use, common sense way. This technology can also be used for time and attendance.

What is Palm Vein Scanning?

Palm vein scanning uses a near infrared light (about the same intensity as your TV remote) to take a "picture" of the vein patterns in your hand. These are unique to every individual including identical twins. They cannot be faked.

In school settings, a simple scan of the parent's hand matches them in the system with the children they are associated with and prevents children from leaving with someone not authorized.

In hospitals, palm vein scanning identifies patients in real-time.

  • Eliminate patient overlays and overlaps
  • Reduce liability and lawsuits
  • Reduce check-in from 10 minutes to 2

For corporate use, our cloud-based solution provides storage and backup of all enrolled biometric templates that enable clients to add personnel to the system in one location and distribute throughout the entire organization. When installed at a location with a pre-existing Access Control System, ePortID™ adds an extra level of security by applying a biometric measure as an additional identity factor prior to entry.

To learn more about our complete biometric solution, choose a category below or simply contact us for more information. 

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